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Motor Boat & Yachting: Spearfish 32 Test Report

Read the full review THE PERFECT WEEKENDER If you're looking for a fast, fearsomely capable weekender with inboard diesel engines the field is a lot narrower than it used to be. And this truly is a fearsomely capable weekender. Want to fire up the engines in Poole and head to Alderney for lunch? No problem.....

This is not some flimsy pastiche that fails to pay homage to its predecessors or work as a modern sportscruiser. Quite the opposite. For those who love the mystique of Fairey, there is enough here to get your teeth into but the crucial thing about the Spearfish 32 is that it stands up as a package on its own merit. You could have a Fairline F-Line 33 or Windy 32 Grand Zonda for similar money but, as good as those boats are, they don't have the soul. In the Spearfish 32 a legend lives on. Download the MOTORBOAT & YACHTING SPEARFISH 32 TEST RE here ...

Download PDF • 38.82MB

For more details on the Spearfish 32, please click the link


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