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Supermarine Swordfish 36 launch

Guests were invited to the UK premiere launch of the Supermarine Swordfish 36 MkII, held at Northshore Shipyard.

Steve Curtis, Class 1 U.I.M. World Powerboat Champion

unveils Swordfish

Following a champagne reception, special guest speaker, Steve Curtis gave a welcome speech, recalling his childhood memories of the original Fairey Designs. His passion for speed and admiration for the Swordfish made an entertaining story.

Hull designer Alan Burnard, and Interior Designer Ken Freivokh both attended the event and helped Steve Curtis unveil the motor yacht, serenaded by music from the Dorian String Quartet.

The classic lines of the Swordfish looked stunning and guests took turns to view the kuxurious interior, amazed at the size of the powerful engines.

A two course hot buffet lunch with wine was enjoyed by everyone as the string quartet continued to play.


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