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Harmonising the latest developments in technology

with handcrafted finesse.



Offering the very best in quality of design and manufacture is the standard we aim to achieve on the water. We bring to this task many years of practical experience and a specialist design consortium for every stage of development.

With over fifty years experience in high quality yacht construction, both powered and sail, Northshore's craftsmen are one of the few elite teams capable of building the Supermarine Motor Yachts to its demanding quality standard.



Designers of outstanding calibre and achievement have contributed to the Supermarine.

Alan Burnard's experience in offshore racing and in military patrol craft development has contributed to the durability and superior sea keeping qualities of the Supermarine brand.

Renowned international yacht designer Stephen Jones has work alongside the Supermarine in-house design team to develop the deck design and superstructure. 


Using today's advanced technology, the hull structure and build quality of the Supermarine Spearfish 32  offers exceptional sea-going comfort and high performance in all sea states.

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