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Northshore Shipyard, Itchenor, Chichester, West Sussex PO20 7AY ENGLAND

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Many people within the boating world are aware of the fast, all weather Fairey built powerboats of the late 60’s and 70’s .. the Huntsman, Swordsman, Spearfish and Fantomes. All of these are now much sought after ‘classics’  - power boats that excel in the kind of rough sea states, often found in the British and Atlantic coastal waters.


These original classic designed boats managed to perform exceptionally well and maintain high speeds, giving their owners an exhilarating, yet comfortable ride through all weathers - literally the stuff of legends.


They were race bred performers and went on to form the basis for high speed commercial and military craft which came to be in high demand from navies all over the World. All drawn by Fairey’s lead Naval Architect, Alan Burnard – who spent over 25 years perfecting the deep-vee hull design.

Supermarine Swordfish 36

So, from experienced and highly reputable origins, the Supermarine Swordfish 36 was born. David Skellon, the man behind the Swordfish project, worked alongside Alan Burnard and Ken Freivokh to create the final design. 


David sculptured several models and many drawing board lines, to oversee the design and engineering of the Supermarine Swordfish 36.

A timeless modern classic in every sense, a balance of elegant flared forward hull sections soft riding deep-vee hull fulfil the functional intention of a comfortable, high speed in all sea conditions, whilst the latest engineering technologies in boat construction, todays styling and modern design details all combine to present the ‘superyacht’ of the future.


The first scale models of the Supermarine Swordfish 36 were displayed at the 1989 London Boat Show. These models drew a huge amount of attention and interest due the shapely lines and near-perfect proportions. The result was an 'on the spot' order for the first boat from Sir Mark Norman.


Sir Mark, who was well known in power boating circles, took delivery of his hull No 1 later that year naming her FLYING SWORD after his infamous career in the Air Force and other activities. He used his Swordfish extensively and became a legend for cross-channel lunch excursions, and cruising throughout Northern Europe.


From the very outset of production of the Swordfish,  the concept of creating a custom build for each customer was firmly in place. Sir Mark famously chose the interior of his Swordfish in cream Connelly Leather with lacquered walnut inlays to match his Bentley.

Sir Mark Norman aboard Flying Sword the first production Swordfish

Historic Class of the 2008


From origins by David Skellon, founder of the Fisher range of classic any weather motor sailing yachts, the concept was to design and build an up-to-date Fairey Marine type fast powerboat that would excel even through rough sea conditions.


Captain Markus Hendricks entered his Supermarine Swordfish 36  in the Historic Class of the 2008 Round Britain Race, photos courtesy of powerboatarchive.com.