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 What makes a boat a true classic ?  

– an elusive blend of seaworthiness, timeless beauty, elegance, style, performance and individuality. There is also one other vital ingredient … and one of the Supermarine’s most defining features …personality.

Supermarine Motor Yachts are hand built by skilled craftsmen, combined with using the latest developments in technology at our waterside shipyard, on the south coast of England.  Built from ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’ formed in a series of moulds, using the best technologies, materials and resins, the result is an incredibly solid, yet lightweight construction, beyond the standards of Lloyds of London, and similar to that now adopted by lifeboat and fast military patrol craft.

We specialise in harmonising the latest developments in technology with handcrafted finesse.


We are delighted to announce the new Supermarine Spearfish 32. With its proven pedigree hull,  designed by Alan Burnard, this exciting new model embraces classic features and captures the sea keeping qualities and high performance of the original Fairey Marine Spearfish, combined with the elegant exterior styling of the Supermarine Swordfish 36.


Renowned international yacht designer Stephen Jones has been commissioned to work alongside the Supermarine in-house design team to develop the new Spearfish 32. Using advanced technology, every detail from the interior accommodation and new deck layout to the plumbing, tankage, engineering and electrical systems are being planned with special consideration for weight distribution, proper function and easy access.



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Monday 24th - Friday 28th MAY 2021

at Northshore Shipyard, Itchenor, Chichester,West Sussex. 

We will be holding previews of the Spearfish 32 in our showroom at Northshore Shipyard during late May. If you would like a personal viewing of this stunning classic motor yacht and have not already registered, please click the link below to be included. A choice of appointment dates will be sent to you shortly. Due to Covid restrictions private viewings are by appointment only. 

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The new Supermarine Swordfish 42 is designed by the legendary Jeff Hunton, formerly of Hunton Powerboats, who has spent a lifetime designing, engineering, building and racing fast powerboats capable of handling all sea conditions.


The new Supermarine Swordfish 42 embodies the characteristics and superior hull performance of the Swordfish 36 in a new and exciting design. With her race inspired and tested deep-vee  ‘stepped’ hull, she will be quick on the plane, giving a soft ride through any sea state.

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The Supermarine is designed with two distinct kinds of buyer in mind: the serious yachtsman who wants to go places, whatever the weather, and the sun-loving sportsman who demands elegance and style. Both will find the Supermarine exiting and completely satisfying in specification, elegance and finish, avoiding on one hand the caravan-style cruiser and on the other, the kind of craft whose sense of adventure is limited to marina-hopping between havens.

Designers of outstanding calibre and achievement have contributed to the design and capabilities of the Supermarine and coupled with the technology and craftsmen at Northshore Shipyard, we are able to offer timeless classics.


Two designers of outstanding calibre and achievement have contributed to the Swordfish 36.

For the hull lines, engineering and propeller, Alan Burnard, formerly chief designer of Fairey Marine, was commissioned. 

His experience in offshore racing and in military patrol craft development contributed to the durability and sea keeping qualities of the successful Huntsman, Swordsman and Spearfish motor yachts.

The original styling has been enhanced by a new, unique radar arch, designed by Ken Freivokh, which compliments her distinctive lines. 

A contemporary interior, styled again by Ken Freivokh, maximises the use of all workable space, and creates a sense of refinement and sophistication within her open plan layout.