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 Created with an elusive blend of seaworthiness, timeless beauty, elegance, style, performance and heritage.


There is one other vital characteristic, synonymous with Supermarine - that is one of our most defining features …individuality.

Supermarine Motor Yachts are built by skilled craftsmen, combining hand crafted finesse with the latest advancements in technology.  Built from ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’ formed in a series of moulds, using the best processes, materials and resins, the results are an incredibly solid, yet lightweight construction, designed to ISO 12215 and conforming to RCD2.
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With its proven pedigree hull, designed by Alan Burnard, this exciting model is a true joy to drive.  


The high performance and superior sea keeping qualities, combined with elegant exterior styling, classic features  and a luxurious interior, sets the Spearfish 32 in a unique class of its own.


Renowned international yacht designer Stephen Jones was commissioned to work alongside the Supermarine in-house design team to develop the Spearfish 32. Using advanced technology, every detail from the interior accommodation and new deck design to the plumbing, tankage, engineering and electrical systems has been planned with special consideration for weight distribution, proper function and easy access. ​

Supermarine Spearfish 32
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